The Bodylove Pilates postnatal method focuses on the recovery, effective and safe retraining of your body after childbirth. With particular focus on the reconnection and healing of your abs and deep core you can begin your postnatal journey with us as early as the day after labor!
Our unique approach combines:
Stabilizing and strengthening targeted mat Pilates moves
Energizing cardio combinations of barre and standing exercises
Self-assessment of your deep core muscles which tracks your continued progress
We believe it’s never too early or too late to begin working-out. The self- assessment element of the BodyLove Pilates method ensures that you begin the program at the correct stage for your body and your progress. Step by step instructions and videos are provided so you can perform this vital test of your abdominal connection.

All postnatal workouts are 10-15mins long because we know you are all busy ladies and it is hard to find the time to dedicate to working out. The Bodylove Pilates method allows you to choose how long you workout for and what muscles you would like to spend the time focusing on.

  • Postnatal - Welcome Bodylovers

    3 videos

    Start your journey with us now. These collection of short instructional videos will help assist you get the most out of the Bodylove Mamas Platform. If you're unsure of where to start - begin with us here!

  • Postnatal - Recently Added

    10 videos

    Every week Ali creates new content for you mamas - here is a collection of her most recent workouts

  • Postnatal - Birth to Bodylove - In 6 weeks

    57 videos

    A specialized program of daily videos designed to recover, reactivate and reconnect your postnatal core for the first 6 weeks after pregnancy and childbirth. Follow along with Ali from the day she returns home from hospital for the first 6 weeks after the birth of her second child. Workouts are a...

  • Postnatal - Total Bodylove

    31 videos

    Energizing & diverse full-body workouts that globally strengthen, tone and mobilize the body.

  • Postnatal - Bodylove In Focus

    31 videos

    Dynamic postnatal specific workouts that targets one major body part or muscle group.

  • Postnatal - Bodylove Bodyweight

    20 videos

    Dynamic, NO PROPS workouts designed to do anytime, anywhere.

  • Postnatal - The Core Collective

    22 videos

    Challenging postnatal core workouts designed to reconnect, reactivate & strengthen your abdominals after pregnancy and childbirth. These workouts are designed for any woman who has recently closed their ab separation following pregnancy and childbirth. These workouts will challenge your new found...

  • Postnatal - Stretch & Yoga

    9 videos

    Our goal is to make you feel good. Finding space in your body and releasing your muscles during your postnatal period is super important in achieving this goal. These postnatal workouts flow effortlessly to create much needed length, mobilization and focus on releasing tight, restrictive muscles ...

  • Postnatal - Quick Burn

    56 videos

    These collection of Postnatal Pilates workouts are targeted, body focused workouts that you can do in 15 minutes or less! Quick Burns - No Excuses. These are safe and effective workouts you can do at any stage of your recovery.

  • Postnatal - Long Burn

    28 videos

    These comprehensive workouts are 15 - 60 minutes long and designed to build endurance, global strength and deliver an over-all mindful burn.

  • Weekly Workout Planners (Postnatal)

    0 videos

    Make working out even easier with our fun and effective Weekly Workout Planners.