Mini Arm Challenge - 7 Days

Mini Arm Challenge - 7 Days

A challenge suitable for all our Mamas. 7 short arm-focused workouts to keep you moving every day, anywhere!

Suitable for all our mamas, across all categories; PRENATAL, POSTNATAL & STRONG MAMAS no matter your stage of motherhood!

We have kept all of the workouts to 10 minutes or less so that you can squeeze them in no matter what the day throws at you. It's an arm-focused challenge but of course, Ali will have you using your core and legs in the workouts too!

Download our tick sheet and give yourself that daily gold star every day for 7 days and before you know it you'll find you are back into an exercise routine! 

Don't have some of the props? No worries! Grab some cans of beans in place of hand weights, a cushion in place of a small ball, repeat the workout you do have props for or just switch one of the workouts out for one of our 'Quick Burn' arm workouts from your specific mama category - PRENATAL, POSTNATAL & STRONG MAMA

It's also a great series to add to our other workouts if you have the time!

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Mini Arm Challenge - 7 Days