Postnatal - Stretch & Yoga

Postnatal - Stretch & Yoga

Our goal is to make you feel good. Finding space in your body and releasing your muscles during your postnatal period is super important in achieving this goal. These postnatal workouts flow effortlessly to create much needed length, mobilization and focus on releasing tight, restrictive muscles throughout the body.

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Postnatal - Stretch & Yoga
  • 21 Mins - Yoga Flow - Yoga Bricks (Postnatal)

    Join Zsa Zsa our new yogi for this beautiful yoga flow. She will help you find length & movement through the spine to open up the chest & counter act all of that mama rounding.

  • 17 Mins - Stretch & Reset - No Props (Postnatal)

    Slow down, open up and let go! This relaxing flow is designed to find space in the body, mobilize the spine and lengthen your muscles!! Feels so good!

  • 17 Mins - Full Body - Yoga Flow - Blocks (Postnatal)

    A beautiful postnatal yoga flow to open your body in all those extra tight places hips, chest and wrists.

  • 15 Mins - Full Body - Yoga Flow - No Props (Postnatal)

    This yoga inspired - Pilates flow warm up moves through some traditional yoga series in combination with core activated pilates moves to get upper body, lower body and deep abs firing together. Ali also focuses on finding space and length in the body to prepare you for the rest of your workout. T...

  • 22 Mins - Stretch & Reset - No Props (Postnatal)

    Open your body with this beautiful stretch opening the back line of the body, your sides and some nice spinal mobility.

  • 11 Mins - Full Body - Yoga Flow - Blocks (Postnatal)

    One of our favourite instructors is back - Erin - to take you through an awesome workout that lengthens and connects the whole body. Join Ali in this Yoga flow style stretch and strengthening session.

  • 18 Mins - Full Body - Yoga Flow - Blocks (Postnatal)

    Yoga is such a beautiful partner to Pilates in so many ways. When you are postnatal yoga provides some wonderful opening and lengthening poses that counter the tightness and stiffness many of you may be experiencing.
    Join Ali as the wonderful Erin McFarland takes her through a 20 minute yoga flow...

  • 12 Mins - Full Body - Stretch & Warm-Up - No Props (Postnatal)

    A gentle yoga inspired flow - this warm-up moves the spine all different directions. With focus on finding length in the back of the body, connection in the front and movement in the thoracic spine, after only 10 minutes you feel space, flexibility and full-body mobility!

  • 10 Mins - Full Body - Warm up / Warm Down - Foam Roller (Postnatal)

    A nice foam roller release for your legs, butt and back muscles.

  • 12 Mins - Full Body - Warm-Up & Stretch - No Props (Postnatal)

    Lengthen, open and move the body in this 10 minute warm-up workout that is perfect for before, after or as your workout. Ali will be working to mobilize the spine, open up the front line of the body, stretch the back hamstring and calves all of which get tight in pregnancy and from feeding, sitti...