Postnatal - Long Burn

Postnatal - Long Burn

These comprehensive workouts are 15 - 60 minutes long and designed to build endurance, global strength and deliver an over-all mindful burn.

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Postnatal - Long Burn
  • NEW! 29 Mins - Full Body - Foam Roller (Postnatal)

    Grab a foam roller and enjoy both mobility & burn! Your heart will be pumping!

  • 30 Mins - Full Body - Block (Postnatal)

  • 29 Mins - Full Body - No Props (Postnatal)

    Join Ali to squat, stretch, donkey kick and tricep dip for this full body burn

  • 29 Mins - Full Body - Booty Band (Postnatal)

    Join Ali as she moves through standing work, prone & supine for a full body burn using a booty band

  • 28 Mins - Full Body - Block (Postnatal)

    Join Ali for this full body workout that incorporates abs, functional standing lunge work & beautiful back extension using a yoga block

  • 27 Mins - Full Body - No Props (Postnatal)

    Join Ali from her Sydney studio for this beautiful full body workout. Starting with breathe to calm new-mama nervous systems' she will then get you moving to work through the whole body.

  • 30 Mins - Full Body - Foam Roller (Postnatal)

    A true full body workout, this dynamic flow mobilizes the spine and globally tones the body. When you are postnatal it's important to create space in the body as well as strength. Follow along with Ali as she uses the Foam Roller to add spice and challenge throughout the workout.

  • 17 Mins - Stretch & Reset - No Props (Postnatal)

    Slow down, open up and let go! This relaxing flow is designed to find space in the body, mobilize the spine and lengthen your muscles!! Feels so good!

  • 41 Mins - Full Body - First Full Body After Birth - Small Ball (Postnatal)

    This is your first full body workout back after pregnancy & labor! The focus will be on reactivating the muscles of the deep core - your TVA & Pelvic Floor Muscles, spinal mobility to help ease stiffness & pain and finding connection & strength in the lower & upper body! It is a gentle but challe...

  • 18 Mins - Legs - Stroller (Postnatal)

    If you have a baby/ toddler you have a stroller - use it! In this video Ali transforms her stroller into a portable ballet barre for a real thigh burner!!

  • 25 Mins - Full Body - Stroller & Theraband (Postnatal)

    Pop your baby in the stroller and get working! Whether you are pregnant or postnatal - this full-body workout is perfect for you! Using the stroller as a prop - Ali takes you through a barre sequence, posture workout and finally a bit of fold over butt work! All while our baby or toddler smiles u...

  • 45 Mins - Full Body - Theraband (Postnatal)

    Follow along with Ali as she moves slowly throughout every exercise to ensure you are working both concentrically & eccentrically to create long, lean muscles. This workout will challenge the length & strength of all your muscles - feeling the burn of isometric holds as well!

  • 17 Mins - Arms - Stroller (Postnatal)

    A nice postural arm workout for pre and postnatal woman using your stroller.

  • 58 Mins - Full Body - Theraband (Postnatal)

    New Mama's this is the workout for you! This full body workout is designed to be gentle enough for moms who only just returning to fitness but challenging enough for any mom - new or "old" Workout side by side with Ali as she releases tension in the body, strengthens the lower & upper body while ...

  • 20 Mins - Full Body - Foam Roller (Postnatal)

    Using the foam roller as the idea prop, Ali targets her core, legs and butt, finishing with some challenging extension to strengthen the back and reverse the rounding of the upper spine.

  • 30 Mins - Full Body - No Props (Postnatal)

    No props needed - just you, your mat and 30 energizing minutes. Join Ali as she challenges your core connection, sideline strength and back line extension!

  • 20 Mins - Arms - Theraband (Postnatal)

    This arms series works the shoulders and mid back to help correct the rounding over of the spine. The standing positions allows you to target core and leg strength to stabilize the spine and pelvis against the movement of the arms.

  • 18 Mins - Full Body - No Props (Postnatal)

    This is a yoga inspired full-body workout that challenges your core connection, upper and lower body strength as well as the shoulder stabilizers which helps us correct the bad postural habits of being a new mom. This is a longer format workout - around 20 minutes!

  • 22 Mins - Full Body - No Props (Postnatal)

    Everybody has access to a wall in their home and today we are using it to challenge our legs, butt, arms and core.

  • 18 Mins - Arms - Stroller (Postnatal)

    Join Ali for a short upper body workout incorporating your baby and they stroller.

  • 29 Mins - Full Body - Block (Postnatal)

    This is true full body workout - targeting muscles of the deep core to help you heal and strengthen your abdominals, the back line of the body including your butt and hamstrings as well as focussing on the sideline of the body to return tone and length. Follow-along with Ali for this longer forma...

  • 18 Mins - Full Body - Yoga Flow - Blocks (Postnatal)

    Yoga is such a beautiful partner to Pilates in so many ways. When you are postnatal yoga provides some wonderful opening and lengthening poses that counter the tightness and stiffness many of you may be experiencing.
    Join Ali as the wonderful Erin McFarland takes her through a 20 minute yoga flow...

  • 26 Mins - Full Body - Small Ball (Postnatal)

    Rotation is the theme of this postnatal workout. During pregnancy you have a limited range of motion in the thoracic spine so it's important to reintroduce it into your workouts. Ali includes a rotation in every different series - Core, butt, arms & back in a challenging full body workout!

  • 16 Mins - Core - No Props (Postnatal)

    During our pregnancy we have limited rotation available in the mid spine - In this workout Ali combines lots of neutral core work with rotation and yoga inspired poses. One Ali's favorite workouts - every time you do this workout you will see how you have progressed in a different way!