Postnatal - Bodylove In Focus - Booty, Back, Legs & Arms Workouts

Postnatal - Bodylove In Focus - Booty, Back, Legs & Arms Workouts

Dynamic postnatal specific workouts that targets one major body part or muscle group.

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Postnatal - Bodylove In Focus - Booty, Back, Legs & Arms Workouts
  • 12 Mins - Upper Body / Core - No Props (Postnatal)

    Ali will be working the upper body but also connecting through the core in this quick burn

    Ali's pick of the week April 11

  • 18 Mins - Legs - Stroller (Postnatal)

    If you have a baby/ toddler you have a stroller - use it! In this video Ali transforms her stroller into a portable ballet barre for a real thigh burner!!

  • 14 Mins - Butt - Stroller (Postnatal)

    Werk, werk, werk your booty!! A strong lower body is so crucial when you are a mom - to be, new or old! Next time you're out with the stroller add this quick 10 minute booty burn to your workout!

  • 14 Mins - Arms - Stroller (Postnatal)

    In this workouts Ali targets the postural muscles of the shoulders, back and arms - working unilaterally (one side at at time) will ensure you are evenly strengthening and not favoring one side. Focus on also activating the deep core at the beginning of each move to ensure you are keeping your sp...

  • 11 Mins - Legs - No Props (Postnatal)

    Standing work is an incredible way to not only get a thigh burn on, but a great way to incorporate some cardio into your Pilates and a wonderful way to work on alignment & pelvic floor activation. Join Ali as she combine all the above principles in a short leg series!

  • 10 Mins - Legs & Butt - Foam Roller (Postnatal)

    You know that little spot right under your butt where the thighs finish - that is the target of this quick 10 minute workout. The little spot is so important as it lifts the booty up for a great looking "ass"!

  • 13 Mins - Legs - No Props (Postnatal)

    Standing leg work is a great way to add some invigorating cardio to your workout routine - challenge your muscle stamina & physical fitness!

  • 11 Mins - Legs - No Props (Postnatal)

    Burn thighs burn! A quick leg workout you can do anywhere - anytime! This standing workout targets the butt, quads & hamstrings - queuing core stability first before movement.

  • 14 Mins - Legs - Stroller (Postnatal)

    If you're a mom you have a stroller - put it to good use and work those legs! Acting as a mobile and ever present ballet barre - with or without your baby in you are sure to get a thigh burn!!!

  • 11 Mins - Legs - No Props (Postnatal)

    Feel lots of internal warmth with this leg workout that also fires up the core.

  • 14 Mins - Arms - No Props (Postnatal)

    Upper body strength is so important as a new mom - you are carrying, feeding, rocking your bub a lot! This workout targets the muscles of the mid & low back, the shoulders and the back of the arms to ensure you are supported in your role as mama.

    Ali's pic March 7

  • 14 Mins - Legs - Foam Roller (Postnatal)

    This workout does not let you stop - moving from squats, barre work and lunges, your legs will be on fire! Always finding core connection to the moving muscles, this workout is perfect for any postnatal women!

  • 10 Mins - Back - No Props (Postnatal)

    The gorgeous Erin returns with another wonderful opening and strengthening back workout! It is so important to make spinal extension a priority when you are postnatal - not only because it will keep you pain-free with great posture but sexy back is back!

  • 14 Mins - Arms & Back - Theraband (Postnatal)

  • 14 Mins - Legs & Butt - Chair or Stool (Postnatal)

    No barre needed for this workout - Grab a stable household chair, the kitchen bench or stool and get moving. Barre work is great way to strengthen the muscles of the butt, legs and even feet. It's also a really good way to include Pelvic Floor activation - lifting and engaging it with every pulse...

  • 14 Mins - Arms & Back - No Props (Postnatal)

  • 13 Mins - Legs - No Props (Postnatal)

    Getting the tone, shape and most of all strength is super important to postnatal women - Join Ali as she lunges, hinges and curtseys in this thigh and butt workout

  • 15 Mins - Butt - Small Ball (Postnatal)

    Fire up your glutes and lift your booty using the small ball for added challenge. A strong outer hip and glute max play a super important role in the stabilization of the pelvis.

  • 8 Mins - Arms - Theraband (Postnatal)

    Speed through this tricep burn for long, lean sexy mama arms. The back of the arms is a trouble spot, no one wants floppy arms that wave when you do - but when you're a mom it's important to strengthen the triceps to support better posture and hold, carry, rock and feed your bub! This is a great ...

  • 11 Mins - Arms - Theraband (Postnatal)

    This the ultimate posture workout - strengthening the arms, mid back and shoulders to open the frontline and correct the bad habits of a new mom!

  • 17 Mins - Arms - Stroller (Postnatal)

    A nice postural arm workout for pre and postnatal woman using your stroller.

  • 12 Mins - Back - No Props (Postnatal)

    Strengthening your back and working in spinal extension is so so important when you are postnatal - you are carrying a baby around all the time and this can cause a lot of pain if you don't target the muscles along the back line of the body. The amazing Erin takes Ali through a wonderful extensio...

  • 10 Mins - Legs - No Props (Postnatal)

    This standing leg workout moves through squat and lunge series to - strengthening the front and back of the thighs and into the glutes. Always relying on a deep core connection Ali finishes the workout with some challenging lunge balance exercises.

  • 11 Mins - Arms - Theraband (Postnatal)

    Boy that baby just keeps getting heavier right! You need a strong upper body when you are postnatal so that you can continue to carry, rock and feed your baby. This workout focuses on arms and upper back, as well the postural muscles of the shoulder to keep you looking good and pain-free.