Prenatal - Bodylove In Focus - Booty, Back, Legs & Arms Workouts

Prenatal - Bodylove In Focus - Booty, Back, Legs & Arms Workouts

Dynamic prenatal pilates workouts that target one major body part or muscle group. These challenging workouts may focus on the legs, arms, butt or back. These workouts are safe to be practiced throughout your entire pregnancy.

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Prenatal - Bodylove In Focus - Booty, Back, Legs & Arms Workouts
  • 28 Mins - Barre Workout - Legs & Booty - Chair (Prenatal)

    Join Ali for this barre workout. These standing sequences will get your heart rate going and tone that tush

  • 15 Mins - Upper Body - Theraband (Prenatal)

    Join Ali & Aneta who is 30 weeks to strengthen your back & arm muscles to counteract preggie posture and get your upper body strong for all of the lifting, carrying and stroller pushing you will soon be doing!

  • 12 Mins - Legs & Booty For SI Joint Pain Workout - Booty Band (Prenatal)

    Join Ali for this leg & glute workout aimed at relieving SI Joint pain by working biilaterally. Featuring classic and effective exercises like squats and bridging you can really focus on your technique to keep as much stability in the hips as possible and keep pain free.

  • 8 Mins - Pelvic Floor - No Props (Prenatal)

    This is a great workout for mamas approaching labor to open, stretch & relax your pelvic floor. A good workout to do daily from 37 weeks.

  • 10 Mins - Legs & Booty - Barre Class - Booty Band (Prenatal)

    Join Ali for a nourishing workout for the pelvis & a nice burn for the butt! Grab a chair or use a kitchen bench to hold onto to deepen those moves. As with all our workouts the core will also be engaged & strengthened.

  • 12 Mins - Arms & Back - Theraband (Prenatal)

    It's super important to target the muscles of the upper and mid back as well as the arms throughout your pregnancy to correct any changes to your posture and to prepare you for your new role as a mum. In this workout Ali uses the Theraband to tone, strengthen and mobilize the upper body! A great ...

  • 13 Mins - Upper Body - Theraband (Prenatal)

    Join Ali for this quick upper body workout to build strength & counter act preggie posture

  • 12 Mins - Upper Body - No Props (Prenatal)

    Join Ali to strength your shoulders and arms using your own bodyweight - highly recommended for all mamas

  • 15 Mins - Back (Prenatal)

    Join Ali in week 31 of her pregnancy to keep your back strong - so important now and postnatally

  • 30 Mins - Barre - Arms & Legs - Chair & Light Hand Weights (Prenatal)

    Join Ali for a great barre inspired workout to burrrnn those glutes and arms

  • 19 Mins - Legs - Foam Roller (Prenatal)

    Join Ali in this lower body strengthening workout that incorporates spinal mobility to help you stay strong and pain free in your pregnancy.

  • 10 Mins - Legs - No Props (Prenatal)

    You don't want to only maintain lower body strength but build it during your pregnancy. You need strong legs and glutes to help stabilize your pelvis, for endurance during labor and all the postnatal challenges ahead! Join Ali as she focuses on keeping her legs strong - getting her heart rate up ...

  • 11 Mins - Legs & Booty - Barre (Prenatal)

    Barre style exercises are a great way to get your heart rate up safely and barre is the perfect complimentary movement to your Pilates work. You don't need a barre to feel the burn in this workout - a chair, stool, bench or wall can work too!

  • 15 Mins - Booty - Small Ball (Prenatal)

    Don't you always want to have a cute butt? - this doesn't change during pregnancy, in fact it is important to have strong glutei to stabilize and support the pelvis.

  • 10 Mins - Legs - Physio Ball (Prenatal)

    Squatting is such an important exercise when you are pregnant to strengthen the legs and connect the stability of your pelvis with the mobility of your legs. Using the physio ball against the wall this workout will get your heart rate up and get those thighs burning!

  • 12 Mins - Arms - Theraband (Prenatal)

    Beginning in a standing position Ali works her arms and shoulders slowly making her way down to the mat to finish with a seated row series.

  • 11 Mins - Legs & Booty - Barre & Small Ball - (Prenatal)

    Sexy, toned legs are just as important to us preggie women - so work those legs and buns in this barre cardio workout. A small ball is optional and if you don't have a barre, any kind of chair or even your kitchen bench will work.

  • 14 Mins - Booty - No Props (Prenatal)

    The lovely Nicole instructs Ali in a side-lying butt workout. It burrrrrrns!

  • 14 Mins - Booty - Small Ball (Prenatal)

    Perfect for any stage of pregnancy this side lying small ball workout tones the outer hip muscles and strengthens the muscles to help stabilize the pelvis.

  • 11 Mins - Legs & Booty - Pilates Ring (Prenatal)

    On her due date Ali shows you that continuing to workout helps her feel pain free, energized and ready for labor and her new baby.

  • 10 Mins - Legs & Booty - Barre (Chair) (Prenatal)

    The heart is a muscle and during your pregnancy you need to keep it active and fit - get your cardio hit in this barre workout.

  • 11 Mins - Arms - Light Hand Weights (Prenatal)

    Burn baby burn - this arm workout intensely targets the shoulders and arms to keep your upper body strong and toned - we throw in a little plie series for that extra challenge!

  • 11 Mins - Booty - No Props (Prenatal)

    Bridging is a safe and effective way to strengthen the glutes and hamstrings during your pregnancy. Strong glutes and hamstrings support the pelvis as your baby grows!

  • 11 Mins - Legs - Foam Roller (Prenatal)

    Showing that you can continue to work hard all the way up the birth of your baby, Ali does a challenging leg workout using the foam roller which includes squats and some barre work to get the thigh muscles burning!