Prenatal - Bodylove in Focus - Lower Body

Prenatal - Bodylove in Focus - Lower Body

Dynamic prenatal specific workouts that target the lower body only. These challenging workouts focus on the legs, butt and thighs. These workouts are safe to be practiced throughout your entire pregnancy.

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Prenatal - Bodylove in Focus - Lower Body
  • 14 Mins - Butt - No Props (Prenatal)

    The lovely Nicole instructs Ali in a side-lying butt workout. It burrrrrrns!

  • 14 Mins - Butt - Small Ball (Prenatal)

    Perfect for any stage of pregnancy this side lying small ball workout tones the outer hip muscles and strengthens the muscles to help stabilize the pelvis.

  • 11 Mins - Legs & Butt - Ring (Prenatal)

    On her due date Ali shows you that continuing to workout helps her feel pain free, energized and ready for labor and her new baby.

  • 10 mins - Legs & Butt - Barre (Prenatal)

    The heart is a muscle and during your pregnancy you need to keep it active and fit - get your cardio hit in this barre workout.

  • 11 Mins - Butt - No Props (Prenatal)

    Bridging is a safe and effective way to strengthen the glutes and hamstrings during your pregnancy. Strong glutes and hamstrings support the pelvis as your baby grows!

  • 11 Mins - Legs - Foam Roller (Prenatal)

    Showing that you can continue to work hard all the way up the birth of your baby, Ali does a challenging leg workout using the foam roller which includes squats and some barre work to get the thigh muscles burning!

  • 7 Mins - Feet - Theraband (Prenatal)

    Give your feet some TLC workout - Yes your feet need it too! The gorgeous Erin Mcfarland takes us through a quick foot workout! When you're pregnant your center of gravity shifts as your belly grows, coupled with the additional weight of the baby the very important transverse arch of the foot fla...

  • 18 Mins - Butt - No Props (Prenatal)

    An extended side lying butt workout - Ali tones and lifts all sides of the butt in this workout. Strong glutes support and help stabilize the pelvis.

  • 11 Mins - Butt - No Props (Prenatal)

    Lift your booty and support your pelvis at the same time with this all fours butt workout. Perfect for anytime during your pregnancy.

  • 11 Mins - Legs - No Props (Prenatal)

    Squat, pile, lunge - repeat! Ali intensely targets her lower body in this standing workout which is perfect for any stage of your pregnancy. - Ali is 34 weeks pregnant here!