Prenatal - Pelvic Pain Workouts

Prenatal - Pelvic Pain Workouts

These workout are specially designed to address the common pelvic conditions that affect pregnant woman. These include anyone with SI Joint Pain and Pubic Symphysis Dysfunction. The goal of these workouts is to bilaterally strengthen the lower body, activate the deep core and relieve the pain associated with these two special conditions. These workouts are safe to be practiced throughout your entire pregnancy.

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Prenatal - Pelvic Pain Workouts
  • 12 Mins - SI Joint Pain Workout - Booty Band (Prenatal)

    Join Ali for this leg & glute workout aimed at relieving SI Joint pain by working bilaterally. Featuring classic and effective exercises like squats and bridging you can really focus on your technique to keep as much stability in the hips as possible and keep pain free.

  • 18 Mins - Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction - Theraband & Physio Ball (Prenatal)

    Join Ali to strengthen the muscles of the body that will help to ease any Pubis Symphysis pain. She will be using a theraband and Physio ball

  • 3 Mins - Butt - Physio Ball - SI Joint Pain (Prenatal)

    Squatting is a wonderful exercise when you are pregnant - it strengthens your legs and glutes, providing support and stability for the pelvis. In this workout the focus is on using squats to relieve SI joint pain.

  • 8 Mins - Butt - Theraband & Physio Ball - SI Joint Pain (Prenatal)

    SI joint pain is very common with pregnant women and it is caused by an unstable and unbalanced pelvis. Working the outer hip helps counter this pain, providing support and strength. Working both legs at the same time is key to SI joint pain exercises.

  • 11 Mins - Butt - Physio Ball & Theraband - SI Joint Pain (Prenatal)

    A great series for anyone suffering from SI joint or pubic symphysis pain. This workout focuses on strengthening the outer hip, stretching the glutes and stabilizing the pelvis through deep core activation.

  • 11 Mins - Butt - Physio Ball & Theraband - SI Joint Pain (Prenatal)

    Stretch, strengthen and stabilize are the three most important things to think about when working to relieve SI joint pain - this workout focuses on glutei, core and hips.

  • 5 Mins - Butt - Theraband - SI Joint Pain (Prenatal)

    Bridging is a great way to relieve SI Joint pain as it works both sides of the pelvis at the same time. Stretching out the glutes is also super important when thinking about SI Joint pain - we want to stop tight butt muscles pulling on one or both sides of the sacrum.

  • 12 Mins - Legs - Theraband - Pubic Symphysis Pain (Prenatal)

    There is a wonderful pregnancy hormone called Relaxin that races through our body over the course of 9+ months that softens tissues and muscles in preparation for childbirth. It unfortunately causes a lot of instability throughout the body, particularly in the pelvis. When you are postnatal the e...