Prenatal - Week 3 - The Month of Mama Self-Care Challenge

Prenatal - Week 3 - The Month of Mama Self-Care Challenge

Enjoy our collection of workouts for Week 3 of the challenge. These workouts have been chosen mindfully to help you stay motivated and guide you during the challenge.

Don't forget to join our challenge Facebook Group to share this experience with us, to keep informed and inspired.
Download our planners so that you can mark off your workouts and note all moments of self-care as you go.

You've Got This Mama!

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Prenatal - Week 3 - The Month of Mama Self-Care Challenge
  • Week 3 Workout Planner - Prenatal.jpg

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    Here is your Week 3 workout planner. Follow it as much as you can (we know mama life is busy!) and let us and your fellow mamas know how you are going in our Facebook group.

  • 21 Mins - Full Body - Small Ball (Prenatal)

    Join Ali with a small ball & enjoy some beautiful spinal mobility before getting those legs & booty on fire. Working through standing before heading to the mat. A great full body burn.

  • 15 Mins - Core - Physio Ball (Prenatal)

    This is a great workout for newbies and experienced preggies! Follow along with Ali as she first briefly explains the muscles that make up the deep core and why it is important to target these muscles throughout your pregnancy, then join her for a challenging and effective core flow on the Physio...

  • 10 Mins - Glutes & Legs - Pilates Ring (Prenatal)

    Join Ali for this quick lower body burn. We need this area to be strong to support us as baby grows

  • 12 Mins - Arms & Back - Theraband (Prenatal)

    It's super important to target the muscles of the upper and mid back as well as the arms throughout your pregnancy to correct any changes to your posture and to prepare you for your new role as a mum. In this workout Ali uses the Theraband to tone, strengthen and mobilize the upper body! A great ...

  • 13 Mins - Legs - No Props (Prenatal)

    This quick leg workout is safe for everyone even if you have any pelvic pain. Squat it out and get your heart rate up!

  • 45 Mins - Full Body - Block & Theraband - (Prenatal)

    Join Ali for this longer full-body prenatal full body workout. Working the whole body in under an hour you will finish feeling stronger and longer. Grab a yoga block if you have one but completely necessary. The theraband is a must though to really feel the power of this workout.

  • 8 Mins - Core - Block & Small Ball (Prenatal)

    Staying connected and focusing on the fundamental deep core breathing exercises is important all the way through your pregnancy. Do this quick core workout at the beginning of all your prenatal exercise!

  • 18 Mins - Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction - Theraband & Physio Ball (Prenatal)

    Join Ali to strengthen the muscles of the body that will help to ease any Pubis Symphysis pain. She will be using a theraband and Physio ball

  • 30 Mins - Yoga - Blocks (Prenatal)

    Yoga is a wonderful compliment to your Pilates practice and safe throughout all the 3 trimesters. Lead by the wonderful Erin - this lovely flow is about lengthening, aligning & opening up the body!

  • Month of Mama Self Care Challenge - Tick Off Planner

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    Give yourself the gift of accountability. Tick off everyday you move with us & note every moment of self-care throughout the month.
    You deserve it Mama!