Prenatal - Total Bodylove

Prenatal - Total Bodylove

A collection of energizing & diverse prenatal pilates workouts that globally strengthen, tone & mobilize the prenatal body. Ideal for any stage of pregnancy, these workouts safe, effective and empowering. These workouts are safe to be practiced throughout your entire pregnancy.

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Prenatal - Total Bodylove
  • NEW! 36 Mins - Full Body - No Props (Prenatal)

    Join Ali for this ultimate prenatal workout - build strong legs, stretch the pelvic floor, strengthen those arms & get the heart rate up a little to prepare your body for the time ahead!

  • 28 Mins - Full Body - Hand Weights (Prenatal)

    This full body workout will get your heart rate up whilst still toning & strengthening. Featuring lots of standing work, a little bit of kneeling and an all fours series.

  • 34 Mins - Full Body - No Props (Prenatal)

    Join Ali to move through standing leg work, an all fours series and end with a glute bridge burner

  • 37 Mins - Full Body - Theraband (Prenatal)

  • 29 Mins - Full Body - Barre - (Pre & Postnatal)

    Join Sophie and Ali for some barre burn - just grab a chair or head to your kitchen counter

  • 41 Mins - Full Body - Theraband (Prenatal)

    Join Ali for this longer full body workout on week 30 of her 3rd pregnancy. Starting with this nice spinal mobility

  • 33 Mins - Full Body - No Props (Prenatal)

    Join Ali for another great full body workout, just using your own body weight that is safe for all trimesters.
    A nice mix of standing, all fours and side-lying work.
    Any mamas who have any pelvic or SI joint pain Ail will give you a modification for the side-lying segment.

  • 28 Mins - Full Body - Light Hand Weights (Prenatal)

    Join Ali from her Sydney studio for this Full Body workout using 1 kilo hand weights. Starting with some nice spinal mobility, Ali will then get you working your whole body.
    If you don't have any hand weights this can be done with cans of food or just with your own body weight. Enjoy!

  • 55 Mins - Full Body - Theraband (Prenatal)

    Finding, strengthening and always initiating movement from your deep core forms the foundation of your prenatal workout program. Ali challenges you to first activate your TVA & Pelvic Floor before any other muscle in this full-body workout - a crucial skill that provides stability and support glo...

  • 11 Mins - Full Body - No Props (Prenatal)

    Feel invigorated and energized by this full body workout - perfect for any stage of pregnancy.

  • 12 Mins - Full Body - No Props (Prenatal)

    As your pregnancy progresses, your center of gravity will shift, throwing your balance off! Learn how to find & activate first from your center so you can feel more confident in everyday life - a little leg burn as a bonus!

  • 30 Mins - Full Body - No Props (Prenatal)

    This workout is a true full-body workout - targeting all the important areas of the body to help you look and feel your best during your entire pregnancy. Follow along with Ali as she first mobilizes her spine, strengthens the deep core to support the pelvis and your baby and finishes with a grea...

  • 16 Mins - Full Body - Theraband (Prenatal)

    Over the course of your pregnancy your range of motion when it comes to rotation will get less and less. This stiffness in the mid back causes a great deal of tension and pain in the low back. In this workout Ali focus on finding safe and gentle rotation of the ribcage to help with any low back p...

  • 11 Mins - Full Body - No Props (Prenatal)

    Get moving with this energizing full body prenatal workout which finishes with a butt blast for your glutes. Perfect for any stage of pregnancy and into your postnatal period.

  • 52 Mins - Full Body - Block & Theraband (Postnatal)

    Full body workout targeting the deep core muscles, hamstring’s, glutes and arms. You will also find some nice rotation and extension through the spine.

  • 31 Mins - Full Body - Theraband (Prenatal)

    Your posture changes so much during your pregnancy - this workout helps strengthen the muscles of the upper back, shoulders and arms to correct any misalignment as well as preparing you for your role as a new mom. Deep core exercises feature with an emphasis on stability before mobility - finishi...

  • 36 Mins - Full Body - Theraband (Prenatal)

    In this workout Ali focuses on the different types of contractions the muscles of the body go through during an exercise - contraction, eccentric contraction, isometric contraction. Working out this way ensures you are creating long, lean, scuplted muscles - it's hard but the results are worth it...

  • 11 Mins - Full Body - Physio Ball & Theraband (Prenatal)

    Open the front line of the body with some stretches, connect with your core and correct your posture with this calming 10 minute workout.

  • 11 Mins - Full Body - Physio Ball (Prenatal)

    Working out all the way up until you give birth made easy with this full body workout using the physio ball to fire into the outer hip and glutes whilst safely stretching you as well.

  • 11 Mins - Full Body - Barre & Light Hand Weights - (Prenatal)

    Feel energized with this leg and arm workout. All you will need is your medium hand weights (or cans of beans!) and a chair or kitchen counter - something to hold onto with a light touch!

  • 14 Mins - Full Body - Theraband (Prenatal)

    Work hard but quickly! Feel energized and connected all day with this full body workout using the theraband.

  • 11 Mins - Full Body - Physio Ball (Prenatal)

    Using the physio ball, enjoy challenging your leg strength whilst finding some much needed spinal extension and pelvic floor stretching

  • 11 Mins - Full Body - Physio Ball & Theraband (Prenatal)

    Coming to the end of your pregnancy it's nice to include some gentle exercise that moves the body in a safe and calming way - incorporating stretch with strength and connection. Ali is 39 weeks pregnant in this video.

  • 45 Mins - Full Body - Block & Theraband - (Prenatal)

    Join Ali for this longer full-body prenatal full body workout. Working the whole body in under an hour you will finish feeling stronger and longer. Grab a yoga block if you have one but completely necessary. The theraband is a must though to really feel the power of this workout.