Prenatal - Stretch & Yoga

Prenatal - Stretch & Yoga

We want you to feel good throughout your pregnancy and have supple, strong muscles. Finding space in your body and releasing your muscles during your pregnancy is super important in achieving this goal. These prenatal workouts flow effortlessly to create much needed length, mobilization and focus on releasing tight, restrictive muscles throughout the body. These workouts are safe to be practiced throughout your entire pregnancy.

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Prenatal - Stretch & Yoga
  • 11 Mins - Stretch - Ring or Theraband (Prenatal)

    Ali uses a ring to stretch her whole body - you can use a strap, scarf or theraband - and join her as she lengthens the back and sides of her body. Do this workout throughout your whole pregnancy to help manage pain and keep muscles supple as well as toned.

  • 11 Mins - Stretch - No Props (Prenatal)

    Lengthen and stretch in this calming 10 minute stretch session, perfect for any stage of pregnancy. It's so important to stretch when you are pregnant everyday - yes everyday! You will feel soooo much better! Promise!

  • 11 Mins - Yoga - Block (Prenatal)

    Lengthen, strengthen, stabilize and connect with this prenatal yoga workout which flows through standing and kneeling poses using the yoga block.