Prenatal - Week 2 - The Month of Mama Self-Care Challenge

Prenatal - Week 2 - The Month of Mama Self-Care Challenge

Enjoy our collection of workouts for Week 2 of the challenge. These workouts have been chosen mindfully to help you stay motivated and guide you during the challenge.

Don't forget to join our challenge Facebook Group to share this experience with us, to keep informed and inspired.
Download our planners so that you can mark off your workouts and note all moments of self-care as you go.

You've Got This Mama!

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Prenatal - Week 2 - The Month of Mama Self-Care Challenge
  • Prenatal Nutrition Guidelines.pdf

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  • Week 2 Workout Planner - Prenatal.jpg

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    Here is your Week 2 workout planner Mama. Follow it as much as you can (we know mama life is busy!) and let us and your fellow mamas know how you are going in our Facebook group.

  • Month of Mama Self Care Challenge - Tick Off Planner

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    Give yourself the gift of accountability. Tick off everyday you move with us & note every moment of self-care throughout the month.
    You deserve it Mama!

  • 10 Mins - Legs & Booty - Barre Class - Booty Band (Prenatal)

    Join Ali for a nourishing workout for the pelvis & a nice burn for the butt! Grab a chair or use a kitchen bench to hold onto to deepen those moves. As with all our workouts the core will also be engaged & strengthened.

  • 12 Mins - Upper Body - No Props (Prenatal)

    Join Ali to strength your shoulders and arms using your own bodyweight - highly recommended for all mamas

  • 19 Mins - Legs - Foam Roller (Prenatal)

    Join Ali in this lower body strengthening workout that incorporates spinal mobility to help you stay strong and pain free in your pregnancy.

  • 15 Mins - Core - No Props (Prenatal)

    A challenging deep core workout that targets the TVA to help stabilize your spine, pelvis and of course support your growing belly. Starting with the modified 100, Ali moves into some all fours ab work and finishes with a knee hover series for the final connection challenge! This workout is safe ...

  • 30 Mins - Barre - Arms & Legs - Chair & Light Hand Weights (Prenatal)

    Join Ali for a great barre inspired workout to burrrnn those glutes and arms

  • 24 Mins - Full Body - No Props - (Prenatal)

    This is a wonderful full body work out grounded in deep core activation which is essential throughout your pregnancy. Follow along with Ali as she moves through core, upper and lower body strengthening with emphasis on stability before mobility.

  • 20 Mins - Core - No Props (Prenatal)

    Join Ali for a great prenatal core focused workout. She will show you how to find and engage your deep core muscles which are super important to help you build strength in your pre and postnatal body and prepare it for labor. Suitable at any stage of your pregnancy.

  • 42 Mins - Full Body - Theraband & Block (Prenatal)

    Follow along with Ali in this true full-body workout that strengthens the upper and lower body with particular emphasis on deep core activation. Beginning with gentle spinal mobility that includes safe rotation, this long format workout with leave you feeling invigorated by movement and support b...

  • 26 Mins - Yoga - Blocks (Prenatal)

    Join Ali and Erin for a nice hip opening and side bending yoga class to get some length in your side body and more space for baby.