Postnatal - Week 1 -The Month of Mama Self-Care Challenge

Postnatal - Week 1 -The Month of Mama Self-Care Challenge

Enjoy our collection of workouts for Week 1 of the challenge. These workouts have been chosen mindfully to help you stay motivated and guide you during the challenge.

Don't forget to join our challenge Facebook Group to share this experience with us, to keep informed and inspired.
Download our planners so that you can mark off your workouts and note all moments of self-care as you go.

You've Got This Mama!

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Postnatal - Week 1 -The Month of Mama Self-Care Challenge
  • Week 1 Workout Planner - Postnatal.jpg

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    Here is your Week 1 workout planner Mama. Follow it as much as you can (we know mama life is busy!) and let us and your fellow mamas know how you are going in our Facebook group.

  • Month of Mama Self Care Challenge - Tick Off Planner

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    Give yourself the gift of accountability. Tick off everyday you move with us & note every moment of self-care throughout the month.
    You deserve it Mama!

  • 11 Mins - Core - Small Ball (Postnatal)

    Join Ali to mindfully & safely connect to your core to build back your strength

  • 11 Mins - Legs - No Props (Postnatal)

    Feel lots of internal warmth with this leg workout that also fires up the core.

  • 11 Mins - Legs - No Props (Postnatal)

    Standing work is an incredible way to not only get a thigh burn on, but a great way to incorporate some cardio into your Pilates and a wonderful way to work on alignment & pelvic floor activation. Join Ali as she combine all the above principles in a short leg series!

  • 11 Mins - Upper Body - Hand Weights (Postnatal)

    In this quick burn Ali strengthens the muscles of the arms & back - so important for mama life! This series uses light hand weights but grab some cans of beans or bottles of water if thats' all you have to hand!

  • 29 Mins - Full Body - No Props (Postnatal)

    Join Ali to squat, stretch, donkey kick and tricep dip for this full body burn

  • 17 Mins - Stretch & Reset - No Props (Postnatal)

    Slow down, open up and let go! This relaxing flow is designed to find space in the body, mobilize the spine and lengthen your muscles!! Feels so good!

    Ali's pick of the week December 27.21