The Bodylove Mamas prenatal method energizes you with 400+ challenging prenatal workout videos that combine;
The stabilizing, strengthening and toning principles of Pilates with the cardio of Barre and standing exercises
Focus on consistent, safe prenatal abdominal training
Building strength to address the physical changes your body goes through during pregnancy
Preparation for the challenges of child birth and speedy postpartum recovery
Emphasis is placed on stability before mobility

All exercises are 100% safe throughout your three trimesters.

We are unique in our devotion to delivering both exercise and information that is 100% tailored to prenatal women.
strengthening exercises.

Follow along with Founder - Ali Handley's genuine Pregnancy, Labor Preparation, Postnatal Reconnection and life as a mom.

  • Prenatal - Stretch & Yoga

    33 items

    We want you to feel good throughout your pregnancy and have supple, strong muscles. Finding space in your body and releasing your muscles during your pregnancy is super important in achieving this goal. These prenatal workouts flow effortlessly to create much needed length, mobilization and focus...

  • Prenatal - Pelvic Pain Workouts

    15 items

    These workout are specially designed to address the common pelvic conditions that affect pregnant woman. These include anyone with SI Joint Pain and Pubic Symphysis Dysfunction. The goal of these workouts is to bilaterally strengthen the lower body, activate the deep core and relieve the pain ass...

  • Prenatal - The Fundamentals - Foundation Workouts & Exercise Instruction

    28 items

    There is nothing more important than discovering a strong connection to the muscles of your deep core during your pregnancy. A great place to begin your journey, these short instructional videos, explain and demonstrate some of the most important core exercises you will perform throughout your ti...

  • Weekly Workout Planners (Prenatal)

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    Make working out even easier with our fun and effective Weekly Workout Planners.